Why Choose Us?

CashCrunch.net has been a trusted resource for short-term loans since 2007, helping millions of consumers. While there are many companies dedicated to helping consumers get cash quickly, CashCrunch.net stands apart by offering a unique level of customer care, security, and a brand that consumers can trust.

We’re a Brand You Can Trust

CashCrunch.net has always made a commitment to be upfront, honest, and ethical when dealing with customers. Our mission has never been to push a customer into a loan they don’t want, but to help them find short-term loan options in their time of financial need.

Our Service is Free To Use

Using CashCrunch.net is completely free and you can use our service as often as needed. The only cost you are responsible for comes after you review and agree to a lender’s terms. Fees associated with the loan will vary depending on your state, the lender, and the amount of your short-term loan.

Large Lender Network

We work with a large network of lenders to try to connect you with a lender that offers a loan that can work for you. When you submit your loan request, it is reviewed by our lender network.

Your Personal Information is Protected

Your privacy and security is important to us. We use advanced encryption technology to protect your personal information and abide by the Federal Trade Commission Act, the Financial Services Modernization Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and all other applicable federal laws, including all laws relating to privacy and data protection.

We Care About the Customer Experience

CashCrunch.net is dedicated to providing customers with the best possible experience. We strive to make the process as safe, easy, and personal as possible, with our in-house customer service team, educational tools and resources to help customers make good financial decisions, and the care that is taken when evaluating each lender before choosing to work with them. Customers can feel confident knowing that not only is our site safe and easy to use, we also have their best interests at heart.